And so it begins..

Drywalling is finally finished!  Well, sort of…  There are still a number of “trouble spots” – dings, scrapes, etc. that should have been fixed but weren’t.  We worked with our contractor who was dealing with the subcontractor, who has become very unresponsive.  We decided to cut our losses and tend to the fixes ourselves rather than waiting even longer for those patches to be placed.  So we’ve spent the past week sanding, applying a bit more mud, sanding some more, priming, etc.  Finally, we were able to start applying the first coat of PAINT!


We decided with the amount of priming and painting that we need to do that it made sense to invest in an airless sprayer.  That decision has paid off several times over.  We are using a Graco Magnum X7 and could not be happier.  It definitely has a learning curve, but the speed of application is simply amazing (hey, at this point, we’re easily amused!).  


Of course we couldn’t do this without our amazing friends helping us out – thanks to John, Rachel, and Anna for giving us your time to help us prime and paint! 


We also want to send a huge thank you to the paint team at the Home Depot in Silverdale.  We had a rather large order, with several colors and differing quantities involved.  Not only did they get it 100% right, but they did it cheerfully and with smiles on their faces, even though the department was really busy at the time.   Thank you HD!


Our “resident” pair of deer is making regular stops to check on construction… time to go glean some apples for them!



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