New Offerings!

We have been hard at work this off season developing new offerings for our guests and it’s time to put those plans in motion!  If you’ve been paying attention to our social media, you’ve seen some of this news… but not all of it!

Three panel photo - one picture of a basket of yarn, one with a sewing machine, and one with a person knitting

Craft retreats!

When we designed the Great Room, we actually designed it with craft retreats in mind… so it’s time to put it to work!  Whether you scrapbook, quilt, knit, crochet, sew, whatever… grab some friends and make a retreat out of it!  Our only requirement is that all three suites be reserved… and then we can tailor your package to whatever level of support you desire.  So if that’s just “we’ll fend for ourselves – all we need is breakfast” – that’s fine by us.  Or if it’s “we don’t want to leave all weekend” – we can work with that as well.  Get your friends together, figure out your dates, and give us a call at 360-207-1909 and we’ll work with you to design a custom package.  Our suites can be configured with either king or two twin XL beds, so we can accommodate between three and six crafters depending on your preferences. 

Our only rule?  No glitter!  (Crafters will laugh at that, and then nod knowingly.)

Two baby blankets overlapping - one orange, yellows, and pinks, and the other turquoise, yellow, gray, and dark blue


While we don’t cater to children, that doesn’t mean we can’t cater to expectant parents!  Getting ready to welcome a little one is stressful, and it’s important to carve out some “couple” time before the arrival.  Book a babymoon package with us and we will have a fruit and cheese platter, sparkling cider and chocolate-dipped strawberries awaiting your arrival.  During your stay, you’ll get some much-needed time together.  As you depart, you’ll choose a hand-crocheted baby blanket to take home.  And yes, the photo is of two blankets ready at this very moment to go home with special parents-to-be…

Whale Watching!

We know many of our guests have enjoyed cruising with Puget Sound Express… and now we can make that partnership official!  Book your cruise with Puget Sound Express through us (available as an add-on for suites booked March 9th – November 30th) and get a free Blueberry Buckle onboard (it’s like an incredible coffee cake and not to be missed – trust us!).  We’ll take care of your sailing confirmation, plus make sure that your gourmet breakfast is served in plenty of time for your departure.  All aboard!!!

yellow upper half and green lower half of an oval with the words "Wilderbee Farm" in black for the logo


OK, not bees specifically – but their yummy byproduct!  Many of you have wanted to purchase the blackberry blossom honey that Adrian uses in his breakfast creations, but your stay didn’t coincide with the open hours for Wilderbee Farm… well, the good folks there now allow us to sell a small jar (good for travel!) to our guests that can’t get to their farm.  We’re still going to recommend that you visit the farm to experience it for yourself (because they offer a lot more than just amazing honey!) but this is a good option when the timing just doesn’t work out. 


Oh… and we’ll also have a few of their items in our gift shop! 

Finally, in the spirit of full transparency – we have made the difficult decision to no longer accept American Express cards for reservations.  This is not something we did lightly – we use AMEX ourselves!  But for a small business, with a relatively small transaction volume, the fees are out of proportion to the other types of cards, and it was glaringly obvious when we renewed our financials this year.  We are sorry if this causes any inconvenience to our valued guests.  We have taken other steps, such as switching credit card processors, to try to keep our costs down (which some of you who have made long-term reservations may notice – we may have to ask you for your credit card information again) but this is one hurdle we just couldn’t get past.

So…. what are you waiting for?  Grab that calendar and book your dates now!

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