It's Been A While...

You know how when you get busy, and you put something off… then it gets easier and easier to put off?  Yeah, that happened, and we’re sorry.  We never meant to leave you in the dark with all of the excitement around here, and we’ll do our best to play catch-up.  

White plate with hash brown potatoes, eggs with salmon, and lemon poppy seed scone
Breakfast creation
Teak table set for breakfast for four with bamboo placemats
Outdoor dining - teak breakfast table ready for guests
Charcuterie board with crackers, fruit, and cheese on slate with trees in background
Charcuterie board

Our Biggest News?

If you missed our FaceBook post (here), or our celebratory email (subscribe to our list here), we have finally OPENED!!!  Our official date was May 18th.  We are VERY pleasantly surprised how quickly our reservations have been filling up – y’all waste no time!  If you are looking for a reservation in July, you may be out of luck, but we do still have some dates open in August and September (and later if you are looking for fall/winter travel).  

Reviews? We Have Them!

We have been exceptionally fortunate to have amazing guests who have taken the time to post their reviews of Paradise Heights (and in some cases some professional photos as well!).  Check us out here!

Breakfast Is Served!

You will notice a common theme among the reviews… they all rave about the food!  Adrian is working hard to perfect his repertoire and it shows in the dishes below.

Gluten-free blueberry muffins, an egg sandwich, and yogurt with granola and a mint leaf on top
Gluten-free blueberry muffins (as requested), a hardboiled egg sandwich with homemade bacon and cheese (keto friendly!), and a bowl of homemade yogurt with granola and mint from our garden
Wooden cutting board with several small metal dishes and a rack of bacon
Mise en place ready for the salmon scrambled eggs and home fries with a side of maple bacon and homemade bread
Breakfast frittata with pancake and side of fruit on a white plate
Breakfast frittata with tomatoes, peppers, spinach, and pork with gluten-free pancakes (as requested) and a side of local fruit

More Projects?

Of course we are working on more projects!  Adrian is building a shed and Tracy is working on landscaping the bluff between the house and the cliff, among other things.  Did you know it’s possible to break a shovel???

Dark-haired white woman in coveralls holding a broken shovel

More Updates!

We promise it will not be another six months before we update again!  There is so much going on and we have missed sharing it with you!  If there is anything specific about the construction or running a bed and breakfast that you would like us to write about, please drop us a line at 


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