So much progress!

As promised, lots of pictures with this update.  We’ve been hard at work and have lots to show you!

Garage door

Garage door installation in progress
Completed garage door - black borders around 4x4 grid of opaque windows
Exterior view of house showing new garage door

Our long-awaited garage door was finally installed!  The installation team did a great job, even when we weren’t quite sure that the rod holding up the garage door opener was going to fit (it did, but by less than an inch!).  While we are very grateful for the “frankendoor” that G. Little Construction provided on a temporary basis, we love seeing the almost-finished exterior!


Paint ladder with gallon pail of Kilz and white wall behind

We have painted the entire house… some areas more than others! We had a “blooming” issue with the paint in the suites. Another coat was enough to fix the issue in two of the suites, but the Eagle suite just had to be difficult. We even stumped the experts at Behr (who have been really helpful, by the way!). This is an in-progress picture of the second coat of Kilz over the initial coats.  Two additional topcoats have been applied – and if the pattern holds, any blooming would be evident tomorrow.  Cross your fingers we don’t see anything!


Large kitchen island with cement sheets on top
Kitchen cabinet installation - 3 top cabinets, one double oven cabinet, and three bottom cabinets with drawers
Blue/green mosaic tile

The giant kitchen island is complete and the cement board is in place ready for the concrete countertop project.  All of the hanging cabinets are in place, as well as the wall cabinets (cooktop will be in the middle) and the double oven cabinet on the right.  The refrigerator belongs in the gap on the left, and the sink/dishwasher will be on the island.  The backsplash tile arrived, and while the color tint may be a bit off here, it’s a perfect complement to the wall color.


Adrian and Mike installing first stair tread
First tread going on!
Adrian, Tracy, and Mike installing a stair tread
Working hard on placement
Adrian and Tracy installing a stair tread
We pretty much have it figured out by this point..
Adrian and Tracy installing last stair tread
Last one!
Completed stairs
Adrian and Tracy sitting on new stairs
Tired but happy!

We gave a little preview of this on FaceBook, but here’s the whole series.  What you can’t see very well is that Mike is behind/under the stairs in each of the in-progress shots – he’s a real trooper!  We can’t thank him (and Rachel, our photographer!) enough for staying late and getting these done with us.  We will put a protective poly coat on these to make sure they stay in such great shape.  The hand railings are on order – here’s hoping those come in on time!

Deer update

For our deer fans… we still have fairly steady visits from a pair of deer.  These two are smart – we actually found one of them INSIDE our garage calmly eating apples out of a bucket.  We managed to capture this picture as one was heading in… needless to say, we’re a little more cautious about leaving our garage door open now!  Sadly, the orchard season is just about over, so we expect these gals to be moving on soon.

Deer in open doorway of garage

A little bit of inspiration…

View of Hood Canal with sunset and tranquil waters





On those very long days we are working… or when a project just isn’t turning out quite right… we don’t have to look far for some inspiration.  This was taken from the main deck as a rain squall was approaching near sunset.  Love the colors, and especially love how the water is perfectly calm on the Port Gamble side and agitated near us.


We are hopeful you can enjoy this with us someday soon!

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