Lights, Camera, Action!

This week we focused on installing some electrical fixtures, finishing the hardwood flooring, finishing the painting (no more blooms!), and starting the tiling.  We have really come to appreciate (the hard way!) all of the time and attention to detail that each of these projects take.



After you have looked at more than a thousand light fixtures (not exaggerating!), they all start to look the same, and decision fatigue really sets in.  We haven’t decided on all of the fixtures yet, but we did get the majority of the fixtures installed for the guest suites, the owner suite, the entrance hallway, and the support spaces (laundry, server room, etc.)  Below is a picture of the exterior lighting that will greet our guests.  Ironically, after we chose these fixtures, we went back to the original architect rendering for this space and discovered that the fixtures were nearly identical. Were we influenced subconsciously?  It’s entirely possible, but we love these!


Front door with lighting fixtures installed

All the colors!

If you followed our painting issues from the last blog post, we are very happy to report that there were no further “blooming” issues!  Thanks Behr! Now we can show you how the colors came out in each of the suites.  We took these pictures with the vanity lights installed for some reassurance that the colors are portraying accurately, but of course it will always be best viewed in person.  That’s not a pitch for making your reservations now… ok maybe it is 🙂

Eagle suite vanity light
Eagle suite - "Adirondack blue"
Orca suite vanity light
Orca suite - "Watery"
Salmon suite vanity light
Salmon suite - "Riverdale"



While certainly not glamorous, HVAC is definitely necessary.  Our pros were back at it installing our system on Thursday.  The Great Room is on a central heating/cooling unit (and also features the woodburning fireplace) while the guest suites have individual heating units and radiant floor heating in the tiled areas.  We never thought we’d be so excited to have this installed!

HVAC installation in progress on the bluff side of the building



We made a lot of progress in flooring this week, completing all of the guest access areas in hardwood as well as laying the bathroom floor tile in each of the guest suites.  Next up will be the shower wall tiling!

Hallway with finished hardwood flooring
Completed entry hallway (with protective covers on stairs)



We’ll leave you again with a little bit of inspiration.  We’re interpreting this gorgeous double rainbow that appeared off our bluff as a sign we’re doing something right! 🙂  We promise no Photoshop was involved – it really was that intense!

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