It's the Little Things...

Exterior photo of B&B showing exterior lighting
Exterior lighting makes a big differrence!

We’ve worked hard this week on some of the smaller details… you know, the kind that take forever and are rarely noticed, but are absolutely necessary? 🙂  Some of the detail work is more noticeable though – check out the exterior lighting we added!  

Septic System


Never a pretty topic, but you’ll be happy to know we passed our final septic inspection this week.  No pictures though – don’t worry!



Tiling is in full swing in the guest suites.  They will each have the same basic tile, but the accent tile is coordinated to the suite color.

3 walls of a shower partially tiled with large grey tiles and small blue accent tiles
Orca suite shower in progress
Photo of two hands covered in drywall mud
Tiling is hard on the hands!



We finished up the lockset on the front door – guests will have individualized codes that work both for the front door and their suite, so they can come and go as they please.  We also started installing guest suite doors.  They are a little tricky to install thanks to the double layer of drywall that we have used to improve soundproofing between the rooms.  Our awesome contractors at G Little Construction paid us a visit on site and did some fine carpentry work to ensure those doorjambs are perfect!  We also have the trim ready to go – just a lot of painting between now and hanging!

Black combination lock and door handle on black frame with glass insert
Open white door leading to guest suite with construction materials



We’ve installed all of the flush mount lighting in the Great Room, our owner’s suite, and the garage (28 fixtures in total!), and will be installing the remaining down lights and spotlights tomorrow, as well as the deck lighting.  We also installed the kitchen pendant lights and the dining room chandelier – check them out!

3 pendant lights over a messy large kitchen island
Kitchen pendants - please excuse all the construction debris on the island! You can also see three of the flush mount fixtures on the sloped ceiling.
5-builb chandelier with three windows in the background
Dining room chandelier (we'll climb up to get the plastic off the outside of the windows soon - after our storm passes this weekend!)

The end of the scaffold era!


We’ve been renting a scaffold for a few weeks to handle all the jobs that require getting VERY high in the Great Room and our bedroom.  It’s a different measure of progress, but it’s obvious Tracy was very happy to finish up the last of the caulking on the gluelam beams (to be fair, that was a LOT of caulking!).  And we’re happy to report that the scaffolding was safely returned to Olympic Equipment Rentals today!

Photo of smiling Tracy pointing to gluelam beam behind her which has silicone caulking applied

We also applied for our Washington state Transient Accommodations license this week – keep your fingers crossed that the process is smooth and relatively fast.  We are still awaiting our sign permit to be approved – we can’t wait to show you what that will look like!  


Until then, back to work!

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