Another week's worth of progress!

We’ve been working some long hours this week – it’s crazy how time flies when your to-do list is long!

Living room with two grey couches and two grey chairs grouped facing a large double-sided fireplace with colorful carpet
Some of you may have seen this photo on FaceBook... we're pretty happy with how the Great Room is coming together!
Living room couch with wall of windows behind
Bonus photo for our blog readers - check out that view through the trees!

Visible progress


Last week we had quite a bit of “invisible progress” – stuff that needs to get done, but most guests will never notice the work that went into it (and that’s OK!).  This week we had some pretty visible gains, so we wanted to share them with you.  Our friend Rachel talked us into setting up the living room, and we’re really glad she did!  It’s hard when you’re covered in paint and thinset every day to keep in mind the goals you’re working for… seeing this come together gave us both some great motivation for pushing through until the end.

Ooohhhh, shiny! 


We’ve started bringing our appliances over from our friend’s garage, where they’ve been stored for a few months… we didn’t want to get caught in supply chain issues, so we’ve been buying appliances as we found good deals or our hard-to-find selection in stock somewhere.  We’ve brought over the refrigerator, the cooktop, and the double ovens so far.  Thanks to Mike and a lot of pushing and shoving, the double oven was successfully installed.  We also had incredibly fast service from Tarboo Fire Extinguishers, so we were able to take care of that safety issue.

Stainless steel double ovens placed into grey wall cabinet

Just when we thought it was safe… more painting!


We had to bring the paint supplies out again, because it’s now time to paint ALL the doors, the baseboards, and the trim.  We’re keeping the color scheme simple – the baseboards and doors are the same color as our ceilings, and the trim around the black-edged doors and windows is a simple “ultra black” so as not to distract from their clean lines.

Two white doors ajar with work light and painting supplies visible
Orca and Salmon suite doors in progress

Extreme DIY


When we were selecting materials for our kitchen, we came to a full stop when it came to countertops.  Nothing jumped out at us as being “just right!” and it was all expensive.  Ultimately, we decided to do our own concrete countertops.  We’re nervous about this – we’ve never done it before – but there are some good tutorials and we were able to source all of the materials.  We’ve been prepping this week by laying down concrete board and making molds of our sinks, and we plan to pour the concrete for two projects tomorrow.  Wish us luck please!

Tools laid out in preparation for making concrete countertop mold
Tools at the ready!
Hand on foam plate on top of vanity with unfinished concrete countertop
The first foam cutout

Sneak preview!


We’ve been told verbally that our sign permit has been approved (still waiting on the paperwork though!), so we’ll take this opportunity to share our sign with you before we hang it this week.  It’s our logo that has been laser-cut into 1/8″ steel, then powder-coated black by our friends at J&D Painting Services.  This will be placed at the head of our driveway to help guests find us as soon as they turn off Paradise Bay Road.

Metal "Parade Heights" sign with cutout design and white background

Late nights


We’ve had a few… and we know more are coming.  And in the end, it will all be worth it.  Until then, we leave you with our creative setup to keep using our miter saw even after the sun sets.  This setup is currently on the patio area that belongs to the Eagle suite, and we’re using the patio lighting for extra illumination.  It makes it challenging to keep the dust out of the house, but it’s worth it to be able to keep working!

Two well-lit sawhorses supporting a miter saw with a dark background in the distance

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