Getting Closer!

Another week of hard work… and we have a few things to show for it!

"Paradise Heights" black sign with white backing on wooden posts
View of Paradise Heights sign and driveway

Last week we previewed what our sign would look like… this week we can show you what it looks like in place  It doesn’t hurt that our beautiful fall weather gives us a very colorful backdrop!


An updated picture of Orca’s shower – just a clear glass panel to add and it will be done!

Shower with grey and blue tile with black grout

Extreme DIY revisited!


We are still working on the time lapse that was requested, but in the meantime we can show you the results of our first concrete countertop!  This is the smallest countertop we have planned and belongs in the upstairs powder room.  

Overhead view of sink bowl surrounded by concrete countertop
Just after lifting off the sink spacer - trimming off the silicone adhesive that keeps the concrete mix in place while it is drying
Grey vanity with poured concrete countertop
The mostly-finished cabinet - the concrete still needs sanding and sealing

Another week… another appliance



OK that’s not technically true… we also installed the refrigerator this week.  But the cooktop was definitely the more difficult project.  Installing a cooktop actually requires cutting into your brand-new cabinets to provide the support for the cooktop… not nerve-wracking at all!  But we’re happy to report it went well, and after a visit from Bishop Propane Services we’re ready to cook!

6 burner cooktop
Isn't she pretty?

And finally – the fireplace!


We passed our final fire inspection this week, so of course we had to celebrate by lighting the first fire in our fireplace!  Who could blame us?  It gives a wonderful ambience to the Great Room!

Man in blue sweatshirt and red had starting a fire in a fireplace
Can you tell that Adrian has been tiling? 🙂

The View


It’s easy to say we never get tired of this view – and that’s true!  But some days it’s just so spectacular you just have to stop and take yet one more picture of it…

View of tree and water with deck in foreground

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