Some “Final” Finishes at Last!

We still have a lot of projects underway (and yet to be started!), but this week we were able to really see how our designs and concepts are coming together, thanks to a lot of help from our friends Mike,  Rachel, Kate, and Ken.

Living Room and Dining Room


All of the furniture has been delivered and a good portion of household goods have been unpacked.  We’re still working on finding a few things (and finishing up trim and baseboard, which is surprisingly impossible to find right now!), but we’re happy with the way the rooms are coming together!  We have altered the plan for the top of the fireplace… instead of another concrete countertop, we’re going to install a solid wood top to match the bookcases beneath.  Now if only the wood was in stock…

Two grey couches and two grey chairs arranged in open rectangular pattern, cherry coffee table in the center, and stone fireplace at the opening of the rectangle
Living room looking towards dining room
Grey couch with pillows with background of deck looking towards water
Living room looking towards deck and bluff
Dining room table with fall colored placemats and large stone fireplace in background
Dining room looking towards front of house



Our plumber paid us another visit on Friday, and was able to install the kitchen sink, insinkerator, dishwasher, and the owner’s suite toilet.  Ahhhhh, the little things…. Actually, not little at all, and the kitchen is so much more functional now!  Once we shift the placement of a couple of the upper cabinets we can install the microwave, which is the only appliance not yet in place.  We’re also planning The Great Concrete Pour (the kitchen island and two countertops on either side of the cooktop) for next weekend (need lots of help for that one!)

Large kitchen island with sink, faucet, and dishwasher visible

Orca Suite


Through a combination of factors, the Orca Suite is the farthest along (although the other suites are not far behind!), so we can now show you the interior of a suite.  We’re also eagerly awaiting the arrival of photography artwork from Ty Kent (more on that later!).  We’re having yet another supply challenge with the headboards and floor transition pieces, but you’ll be able to get the idea…

Hall tree with several hooks, two of which have robes hanging from them, plus lower shelf with fluffy white towels
Interior of room with wood floor, bed, and three large windows looking outside
Grey vanity with concrete countertop, large round mirror with black edging, with white door to the right
King-sized bed with white pillows and comforter

Moving On…


Next week we’ll be sorting through more of our household goods (and reclaiming the space in our garage!), prepping for The Great Concrete Pour, more tiling/grouting, adding finishing touches like drawer pulls and window trim, and hopefully finding some of our out-of-stock items.  We were at the house early this morning and were able to see the sunrise… seeing this every day will make all of this hard work worth it!

Gorgeous sunrise looking over bluff towards Port Gamble

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