Moving Day (and then some!)

We had a busy week, but not all due to construction.  We had been renting a condo while working on the house, but last week got the news that we needed to be out by Tuesday morning.  Needless to say, that put a lot of our construction plans on the back burner as we packed up our stuff in the condo, cleaned, and moved everything to the house.


We made the deadline, but we were exhausted!  We still have a lot of household effects to put away, but we’re making progress slowly but surely.  And we still have some good news to share – we mentioned our partnership with local photographer Ty Kent last week, and now we can say it is fully in place and we have some great artwork to share!

Our Vision


When we decided to open the bed and breakfast, we knew we would have some great wall space to work with.  We wanted to feature a local artist who focuses on local scenery so that we can share more of our local natural beauty with guests.  We found a perfect match in Ty Kent, who often shares his art on our local NextDoor page – we fell in love with his work the first time he posted!  He has been incredibly gracious in this arrangement and we can’t wait to show off his work!

So Who is Ty Kent?


Ty Kent is a photographer from the state of Washington who lives in Port Ludlow on the Olympic Peninsula.  He wanders the Northwest capturing little windows into the endless beauty of the land and its wild creatures.  “It is my meditation and dance with the natural world, and it is ever a blessing to be able to share what I find with any and all willing to journey with me.”  It is his deepest desire to highlight the immense gifts that this region has to offer in all its glorious seasons.


You can check out his work at Earthrootz Imagery… and we are proud to feature his artwork on our walls!


What’s in this arrangement for us?  We get to enjoy Ty’s work and share it with our guests.  We are happy to make his artwork available for purchase, but there will never be any pressure to buy.  If you do buy, all funds go to Ty.


For our locals, Ty has published a 2022 calendar featuring 12 of his recent photos (a few of which are on our walls!) that you can buy for $15.  We have a few copies at the house and are happy to arrange pickup.

Four otter photos in black frames hung above a wood staircase
Ty's otter series makes its debut over our staircase!

The Great Concrete Pour!


We’ve made all our preparations and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our many volunteers tomorrow to help us pull this off – it’s time to do the countertop on the giant kitchen island and the two smaller counters in the kitchen!  This is a HUGE undertaking – you can see what this amount of concrete looks like in Adrian’s truck (and there were more bags not pictured!).

18 bags of concrete in the back of a pickup truck

We’ll let you know how it goes!

Yet another beautiful sunrise...

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