Summer is here... it was 75 degrees this weekend!!!

(For reference, that's perfect deck weather!)

Charcuterie platter with grapes, bread, strawberries, crackers, dipping sauce,, and cheese

With the warmer weather we’re definitely seeing an uptick in orders for welcome platters and charcuterie – and we don’t blame anyone for wanting to enjoy good food with beautiful views!  But don’t forget…


Text-based picture of a sample dinner menu


Yes, we can serve dinner!  It took a lot of patience and negotiation with the county, and it has to be arranged ahead of time, but if you know you’ll want dinner when you arrive, just let us know!  We’re happy to accommodate restricted diets or preferences.  Our sample menu is pictured above.

baby back ribs on wire rack

Smokin' hot!

Summer means smoking meat (with apologies to our vegan and vegetarian friends – of course we’ll always have options available for you!).  We proudly serve our own locally sourced meat that Adrian has slowly cured and smoked right here at Paradise Heights – and yes, you can taste the difference!

"Welcome Summer" in green text on light blue background

… and summer on the Olympic Peninsula means festivals!!!  There is SO much going on!  If you’ve been paying attention to our social media you’ve already seen our mention of a few of these, but here’s a quick rundown of some of the bigger events.  More events pop up all the time, so if you have reservations on dates that don’t coincide with something listed, just give us a call or drop us a note if you would like us to help you find fun things to do in the area!

floating bridge across large body of water with mountains in the background


It isn’t anyone’s favorite topic, but we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t warn you about a few maintenance periods coming up for our favorite bridge.  The maintenance is scheduled for overnight periods from 10pm to 5am to minimize disruptions, but of course, that doesn’t help if you’re caught on the wrong side of the bridge when you just want to be in your nice comfortable bed in your suite.  The maintenance is scheduled between May 13th and June 10th on mostly weeknights, with full details available here.

Yes, the Aurora was pretty special here...

We joined a few hundred people watching the display in Port Gamble, but we didn’t manage to catch anything this stunning.  This image was graciously provided to us by Paul Dudley, a Poulsbo wedding photographer who was shooting across the bay towards Paradise Heights (so we’re actually in his picture!).  Check out more of his stunning photography here – thank you Paul!  We figure that’s a pretty good note to leave you on…

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