Announcing….         Drumroll please…. Our first (annual?) contest for Veteran’s Day!  We know the sacrifices that military members and their families make, and we want to do our part to give back to a deserving active duty/reservist/retired service member who is making a difference in their community.   We are keeping this as… Continue reading Announcing…

…and we’re back!

Home About Policies What to Expect Blog Want to Know More? Reserve now! It’s Been A While… You know how when you get busy, and you put something off… then it gets easier and easier to put off?  Yeah, that happened, and we’re sorry.  We never meant to leave you in the dark with all… Continue reading …and we’re back!

Fireworks! In December???

Yes Virginia – there is a Santa Claus! And in Port Gamble, he brings his own fireworks display!   Huh?  Well, we didn’t know this tradition either until we moved here.  Port Gamble is the peninsula of land that we look at from our back deck.  It’s about a ten-minute drive from our location, and… Continue reading Fireworks! In December???

Progress report – November 27

Holiday Memories First, we hope that all who celebrate Thanksgiving had a very memorable celebration.  It was our first in this house, so we might have gone a bit overboard with the food (OK, we totally did, but the leftovers are amazing!). So… About That Great Concrete Pour???   We are thrilled to announce that… Continue reading Progress report – November 27

Progress Report – November 20

Moving Day (and then some!) We had a busy week, but not all due to construction.  We had been renting a condo while working on the house, but last week got the news that we needed to be out by Tuesday morning.  Needless to say, that put a lot of our construction plans on the… Continue reading Progress Report – November 20

Progress report – November 13

Some “Final” Finishes at Last! We still have a lot of projects underway (and yet to be started!), but this week we were able to really see how our designs and concepts are coming together, thanks to a lot of help from our friends Mike,  Rachel, Kate, and Ken. Living Room and Dining Room  … Continue reading Progress report – November 13

Progress report – November 5

Getting Closer! Another week of hard work… and we have a few things to show for it! Last week we previewed what our sign would look like… this week we can show you what it looks like in place  It doesn’t hurt that our beautiful fall weather gives us a very colorful backdrop! Showers An… Continue reading Progress report – November 5

Progress report – October 30

Another week’s worth of progress! We’ve been working some long hours this week – it’s crazy how time flies when your to-do list is long! Some of you may have seen this photo on FaceBook… we’re pretty happy with how the Great Room is coming together! Bonus photo for our blog readers – check out… Continue reading Progress report – October 30

Progress report – October 23

It’s the Little Things… Exterior lighting makes a big differrence! We’ve worked hard this week on some of the smaller details… you know, the kind that take forever and are rarely noticed, but are absolutely necessary? 🙂  Some of the detail work is more noticeable though – check out the exterior lighting we added!   Septic… Continue reading Progress report – October 23

Progress report – October 15

Lights, Camera, Action! This week we focused on installing some electrical fixtures, finishing the hardwood flooring, finishing the painting (no more blooms!), and starting the tiling.  We have really come to appreciate (the hard way!) all of the time and attention to detail that each of these projects take. Lighting   After you have looked… Continue reading Progress report – October 15